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TalkH4 is a podcast hosted by Elizabeth and Lourdes where members of the H4Community are brought on to voice their perspectives. TalkH4 hopes to amplify students’ voices to make sure that they are being heard when it comes to different issues. We will also cover a wide range of topics — from relaxed episodes talking about our days to episodes on serious social justice issues. So, there is an episode for anyone and everyone to listen to! 

Disclaimer: The opinions and perspectives heard on TalkH4 DO NOT reflect those of the H4Community, but only some of its members.

Here's some of our episodes below! 

Activism on Social Media

In Talk H4's very first episode, we invited H4 members Jada and Katrina to talk about activism on social media with features on some influencers and cancel culture discussions.

Origins of H4

In our next episode of Talk H4, we invited the founder of H4 Community, Mr. Glen, to learn more about the origins and purpose of H4. We took a trip down to memory lane!

Drip, Style and Fashion

In our third episode, we wanted to bring up the fashion topic with some of our H4 members, who take interest in fashion and streetwear as well. We invited many guests, such as Gabe, Josh, Keitlin and Allysa.

Going to School During the Pandemic

In our fourth episode, we invited both H4 ambassadors and TCDSB students to discuss the changes in the education system amidst the pandemic, with topics such as heavier workload, quadmester systems and cohorts.

Want to listen to more? Not to worry! There are tons of other episodes on our spotify, just make sure to give a follow to keep up with upcoming episodes!  Who knows... you might be the next guest!

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