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Last Updated 06/27/21


Current Distance Reached: 80.88 / 5000 KM
Current Fundraising Progress: $100 / $1000

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RUN 4 IMPACT is an youth-led fundraiser that is determined to help those who have been affected by the pandemic. 

As an expression of gratitude for the vaccines that Canadians will receive in 2021, we are joining Love My Neighbour, a national movement for global vaccine equity inspired by Millennium Kids and Canadian faith communities, to gift forward vaccines to vulnerable populations around the world.

We are on a journey to raise $1000 in support of UNICEF and their mission in supplying thousands of vaccines to second- and third-world countries. With every $2 raised, our team pledges to run 1km for a total distance of 500 km. 

Where can you Donate?

You can donate with the donation embed below. By making a donation, you'll help write the ending of our global pandemic story. 

Where will your $$$ go?

A $25 donation will go towards the gifting of a 2-dose vaccine to a global neighbour. This includes vaccines, per-person cost of transport, cold chain protection, health worker training, and safe disposal of needles and waste.


Global vaccination against COVID-19 is the biggest health project in our - and you can help.

Our Progress

Want to run with us?


You can join the journey through our STRAVA link, where it will track your running distance with no data required!

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