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Gain All The Advantages Of Being A Student: Saving With Every Discount!

Life as a student can be hard when trying to balance your academics, your personal life, and potentially a job. Although it comes with its hardships, being a student can have its advantages. For instance, numerous businesses and retailers in Canada offer discounts to students from transportation and food to fashion and clothing! All you need is to be enrolled as a student and have a valid student ID!

We all need to get to school as students, or travel for extracurriculars, and perhaps even go out for a break from our academics. No matter what the reason, these discounts on transportation will help you out! With Go transit, you can save up to 22.5% on a full adult cash fare or if you already own a PRESTO card, you can receive 8% off on an adult fare on your card. Via Rail also offers a student pass which offers 6 one-way travel credits at a discounted price. Furthermore, the Toronto Transit Commission gives students a reduced rate on monthly passes. Lastly when flying, Air Canada provides a student pass which includes a discount on 4-6 one-way travel credits in a pre-paid package. 

In addition, many restaurants and food shops offer student discounts on beverages and food. At Bulk Barn, students can primarily receive 10% off on any purchase made on Wednesdays after presenting their student ID. You can also save 10% of your money when spending $50 or more at Metro from Monday to Wednesday. As well students can receive a free drink with their Chipotle purchase in September. At both Zehr and Dairy Queen, a 10% discount for students is offered with proof of their student ID, although Zehr’s offer only applies on Tuesdays. Finally, Lazeez provides a student special, small meal and soda of choice, for only $7.99 without tax. 

We ultimately all need clothes for every season and the cost of it can add up, but using discounts at these clothing stores will help reduce that cost! For instance, you can get 15% off any purchase, excluding sales, at Banana Republic. Similarly at Adidas, you can save 30% on all regular priced items and 15% on outlet items. Although, when registering for student programs such as SPC, UNiDAYS, ISIC, or Student Beans you can receive several other discounts. For example, you can receive reduced prices at Nike, Roots, American Eagle, and many more businesses including non-clothing related stores. These programs usually request proof of your student status with an extra age requirement while others only ask for a small fee that does not exceed the price of $20. In conclusion, signing up for these student programs offer many benefits and hundreds of discounts that can aid you with saving money.

Evidently, as a student you can save a ton of money on purchases and travels so you can relieve some financial stress! Take advantage of all the benefits offered as a student through the many discounts in order to balance and enjoy life. 

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