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PROJECT 02 - H4 Goal-Getter Program

The Goal-Getter Program connects mentors and mentees online. Every participant will be trained in our official H4 Mentorship Goal-Getting Process™. This program gives students the tools they need to effectively set and meet their personal goals. Each participant in the program will have an accountability partner who checks in with them weekly to make sure they stay on task.

We've had about two rounds of the mentorship program since beginning it during September 2020, and it's been successful each time. Youth feel more confident in their goal-making and goal-getting process after our workshops and develop friendships with others they never would have expected.

By surrounding yourself with people who continually challenge and encourage you to reach your goals, you will, without a doubt, achieve them.

We hope to have our third round of the program very soon, so stay tuned! In the mean time, here's our advertisement for the program so that you may learn more and even some testimonials from mentors/mentees as well!

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