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Focus on Youth - Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Join the H4 Community! 

We’re all about creating opportunities for you to shine. At H4 Community, we want to build a group of confident, creative, and curious kids ready to take on the world’s challenges and learn skills you won't find in a typical classroom. We’re dedicated to helping you grow through exciting programs and events. Watch us in action as we inspire and impact students like you. At the heart of everything we do is the belief that with the right opportunities, anyone can thrive. Come be a part of something amazing!

Do you love talking to new people and making connections? In this role, you'll reach out to local communities, set up meetings with our founder, and even lead some of your own. This is your chance to be the voice of our programs, learn new things, and build awesome relationships. If you're ready to step out of your comfort zone and make a difference, this role as Communications & Outreach Coordinator is for you!

Position Title: Communications & Outreach Coordinator

Reporting To: President, Student Directors

Type of Employment: Co-op

Work Location: Hybrid


- Reach out to local communities to promote our programs and events.

- Conduct research to identify key contacts and build relationships.

- Set up meetings with the founder and other key stakeholders.

- Attend and occasionally lead meetings to discuss program development and community outreach.

- Collaborate with team members to develop and implement outreach strategies.

- Represent H4 Community at events and presentations.


Skills and Attitudes:

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

- Proactive and confident in reaching out to new people.

- Strong organizational and research abilities.

- Comfortable setting up and leading meetings.

- Eager to collaborate and build relationships.

- Enthusiastic about learning and trying new things.


If you're looking for a fun and inspiring role where you can make a real impact, apply now to be our Communications & Outreach Coordinator!

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