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Dance Volunteer

Join the H4 Community! 

We’re all about creating opportunities for you to shine. At H4 Community, we want to build a group of confident, creative, and curious kids ready to take on the world’s challenges and learn skills you won't find in a typical classroom. We’re dedicated to helping you grow through exciting programs and events. Watch us in action as we inspire and impact students like you. At the heart of everything we do is the belief that with the right opportunities, anyone can thrive. Come be a part of something amazing!


Are you passionate about dance and excited to explore new styles? Join us to help build a library of dance resources and assist in creating tutorials. This is your chance to dive into different dance styles, collaborate with others, and share your passion. If you’re ready to groove and inspire others, the role of Dance Volunteer is for you!

Position Title: Dance Volunteer

Reporting To: President, Student Directors

Hours of Commitment: 3-4 hours per week, based on operational need

Location: Virtual



- Assist in developing a comprehensive library of dance resources.

- Find and critique existing dance tutorials online.

- Learn and experiment with various dance styles.

- Write detailed reviews and suggestions for improvement on tutorials.

- Work with team members to organize and manage dance workshops.

- Engage with the community to promote dance programs.

- Support the development of strategies to implement dance clubs in schools nationwide.

- Be willing to help teach dance classes to elementary school students.


Skills and Attitudes:

- Passion for dance and a willingness to try new styles.

- Ability to find, critique, and improve existing dance tutorials.

- Strong organizational skills for maintaining a resource library.

- Enthusiastic about collaborating with others and contributing to the community.

- Open-minded and eager to try new things and share knowledge.

- Comfortable and enthusiastic about teaching dance to young students.


If you're looking for a fun and inspiring role where you can make a real impact, apply now to be our Dance Volunteer!

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